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 Ti prepei na kserete gia tous burglars

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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 48
Ηλικία : 25
Τόπος : Klirou
Destiny Points : 3981
Reputation : 0
Registration date : 27/02/2008

Character Journal
50/50  (50/50)
Race, Class: Hobbit, Burglar Hobbit, Burglar

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Ti prepei na kserete gia tous burglars   Δευ 07 Απρ 2008, 13:35

We have several skills and one item that allow us to open conjuctions, but they all have long cooldowns (5 min or more).
Burglars tend to know a lot about conjunctions, since they use them often. They also have the advantage of knowing
the conjunction is coming, so they are often better prepared. If your burglar tells you to pick a certain color, it's usually good advice.
Conjunctions can't be opened on recently stunned mobs.
The Trip opener can only be used while stealthed, and for best results should usually be the first attack against the target mob.

Crowd Control
Burglars can "riddle" (a 35-second mez) intelligent mobs (humanoids and dragon-kind). An improved version of Riddle starts with a 5-second stun (and the 30-second mez). We also have a 8-second stun we can use with cool-down 45 seconds. Damage breaks mez, but not stun.
Riddle is ranged skill with a 1-minute cool-down. The cooldown can be reduced to 30 seconds if the burglar use mischief. It can be used in combat, but we lose stealth if we use it.
Stun requires a Trick-debuff on the mob, and it must be done from melee range. It can be used to pull a mob off a squishy target, but not if you are running away from us.
Riddle has a 1 minute cool-down, so 2 burglars can chain-lock a mob (though not as well as a Lore-master). With the book 12 release one burglar can do chain-lock also if he uses mischief.

Burglars have several debuffs. Some are "tricks". Only one trick can be on a mob at a time (per burglar). Some tricks decrease the mob's speed or attack abilities, others increase damage done to the mob.

DPS and Aggro
Burglars do more damage attacking from behind.
Using the Aim (guaranteed crit) skill, burglars can do a single very powerful attack (most effective from stealth, and from behind).
High-level Burglars have two very useful aggro-management skills. One increases the target's aggro towards whoever it currently is attacking. The other scrambles the target's aggro, causing it to randomly engage targets on its aggro list.

We cannot "use" items while stealthed. We can't loot chests, we can't pick up the torch without the guard mobs seeing us, etc.

Burglars can tank fairly well, but only for a little while. We dodge/parry/evade well, and can self heal-over-time. After a minute or so, most of our skills/tricks have been used, and we become fairly squishy.
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Ti prepei na kserete gia tous burglars
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