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 The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B

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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 113
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Τόπος : ATHENS
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Character Journal
The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Left_bar_bleue60/60The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Empty_bar_bleue  (60/60)
Race, Class: Elf, Hunter Elf, Hunter

The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Empty
ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B   The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Icon_minitimeΠαρ 04 Απρ 2008, 15:43

Frûz does not like talking.
The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Fruz10

Before going into Frûz's lair make sure your entire raid is ready to move. Once the first players have gone into the room and get the agro, the doors will close and leave the rest outside.
Every 30 seconds, a group of four Ghâshfra Fighter adds will run into the room from the broken stairs. They are normal mobs, but they heal Frûz for 1,500 morale every 2 seconds with Strength in Numbers if they get near him, so it is crucial to keep them away from him. It is possible to see them coming at the top of the stairs about 5 seconds before they come down, so have a ranged combatant make a call-out. At that moment, all DPS classes should stop hitting Frûz and run to the bottom of the steps. As soon as the Fighters hit the ground, Champions should use Sound the Attack, Hunters use Rain of Thorns and Lore-masters use instant root and storm lore. This should keep them incapacitated while everyone quickly deals with them, then moves back on the boss.

Keep Frûz tanked in one of the corners on the side of the campfire opposite of the stairs, and position the ranged classes near the wall and behind him.
Other than the adds the fight isn't very difficult. He has a stun, a knockback and an AoE - just lay on as much DPS as you can.
His abilities:
* Wild Attack
400 to 600 Common damage in a melee area-of-effect around Frûz.
* Knockback
Knocks back the current target approx. 5 meters.
* Stomp
Stuns targets in front of Frûz.
* Wound
Puts a wound effect on the current target that can deal considerable damage over time if not cured.

After using either Stomp or Knockback, Frûz seems to change to a different target for about 5-10 seconds.
Important: Killing Frûz does not stop patrol nor certain monsters from respawning. The patrol going to giant will spawn after a while, so will be Summoners with worms.
The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Fruz_i10


"You will pay for that!"
The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Zogtar10

Zogtark enters battle along with two powerful drakes.
All you have to do is to clear the room from mobs (worms, ghasfra, dragons, etc) but stay away from the two Elder Drakes as they re starting the battle.
Once the area is cleared move to a safe area, where you will be far away from your tank when Zogtark comes down but close enough to fire at the drakes. Ignore the 3 flying fire drakes as they have only fire debuff when you are under them and nothin more than that.

Send your primary tank and one more to the two Elder Fire drakes and start tanking them (again, head away from raid).
Rest of raid ignore them, do not damage them as there will be three worms which you must kill first. Use your RAT (Raid Assist Target) to kill the worms fast or use AoE, then change to the drake that your primary tank has. At certain point the Elder Drake goes into air and Zogtark will run to you (this is gonna happen when drakes morale goes down to 20k, so be prepared).

The one who tanked the now flying drake must start tanking the boss and the second tank still tanks the other Elder Drake. It might be that both are in air now, in such case, still focus range-dps and kill em one by one. Use your hunters and LMs for that, the rest that cant get em, move to Zogtark and start damaging him. If your hunters are not able to kill the drakes while they re flying, then wait for them to land down again and leave the primary tank at Zogtark, ...the rest kill em fast!

Do not let Zogtark or the drakes to get close to each other as master cares about his pets and will heal em.. and they might fly again...
After both Elder-Drakes are dead, just tank-and-spank Zogtark.

* Zogtark heals the Fire-drakes and Fire-worms (if any are left)
* Zogtark regenerates power at an incredible rate (can't be permanently drained, but players can interrupt his healing by draining him)
* Drakes take flight at ~20,000 morale, then start spitting fireballs that can hit for over 2,000 Fire damage

Some players keep telling that you must keep the chest open all the time (if you know Barad Gularan chest, then you should know that it can disappear with your valuable loot) so you better careful with that.

The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Zogtar11

Important: Killing Zogtark will not stop patrols and certain groups in his area from respawning.


"Protect me! We must do as the Ever-seer commands! Spread out!"
The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Narnul10


The Lava-Islands before Narnûlubat are a little bit tricky, so make sure that all the raid STOPS after the door
and make sure everyone understands how to fight the intermeddiate path to the platform. Unless you like to be wiped there again and again....

The two lava-islands have static monsters, called Fumaroles, sort of volcano spawning other monsters, Burning Limrafn. There are five at first island and two at second island. Sometimes one spawns just after last bridge on left.
Keep raid grouped in close group and slowly move. Fumaroles will appear only when someone comes close so discover one by one, and immediately focus on it to destroy it. If you aggro a second fumarole, then maybe God be with you...

There will be Defenders and Fighters comming (2+1) once about every minute. Mezz/stun them if you are busy with the fumaroles, then kill them.
It is possible to pass this area without killing all volcanos, just keep on right side and continue further. And it is also possible to ignore Burning Limrafn as they despawn in 30 seconds if you stand still, kinda impossible with our Kin-raids where everyones running around all the time. So you better clear the whole area before your final battle with Narnûlubat..

Narnûlubat is standing on a platform with four Ghâshfra Seers in front of him. The Ever-Seer is standing beside him, but he does not actually partake in the battle and the coward leaves once it begins. As the battle starts, a Void Hole will open in the middle of his platform. Once it is formed, Darklings with 2,000 morale will begin to crawl towards the hole from each of the side platforms. If one reaches it, it will transform into an elite Darkling World-eater wich you dont wanna happen...

So, you ve got to start this battle with your Main Tank on Narnûlubat who will try to kite him away from the platform and the Ghâshfra Seers. A minstrel has to take care of our guy as Narnûlubat does some prety good damage. The Main Tank should use Guardian's Pledge and Engage on Narnûlubat, then kite him while building some threat with Fray the Edge whenever it comes up. Charge can also come in handy. While the Seers are still up, he has an effect called Protective Flame on. It protects him from damage and reflects it back at the attacker, further increasing the advantage of kiting him.

Assing one hunter and one Loremaster at each side of the platform to take care of the Darklings. Careful there as some of em are stealthed. Some Tar will help them and on the side of Narnûlubat will slow him down. Another thing is that Darklings can burrow underground to appear elsewhere if they are rooted.. ouch!
The rest of the Raid have to kill the Ghâshfra Seers. Take em down one by one using RAT and try to interrupt their healings when it s possible. When the last Ghâshfra Seer is down change target and kill Narnûlubat while Darklings are continuously killed by the Hunters and LoreMasters.
Easy, isn t it?


* Protective Flame effect while one or more Ghâshfra Seers are channeling.
* Swipe - Frontal melee area-of-effect attack, can deal over 1,000 Fire damage.
* Melee attacks deal heavy Fire damage (400 - 1,000 damage or more).
* Melted Armour (Resistance: Wound) - Deals ~1,000 Fire damage and causes an effect on the target that reduces armour by 674 for 30 seconds. Can stack more than once on a single target. Does not need to be removed since Narnûlubat does only Fire damage.

The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Narnul11

Important: Killing Narnûlubat will not stop Fumaroles and other monsters from spawning.

Shadow-Eater & Stone-Biter

"ermm....Shadow-Eater and Stone-Biter don't like to talk..."

Enter the building through door at Narnûlubat place and just keep going and killing until you are at room with fences on right and two guards standing on front of middle door. Kill them, then stop and read this...

Shadow-Eater and Stone-Biter stand behind the gate. Don't open the gate until you're ready (eat, drink, buff etc).
Contrary to the usual battles in the Rift, the lesser mob shouldn't be taken out first. Try to defeat them both at the same time. Shadow-Eater has significantly more morale, so he needs to be focused on at the beginning. If Stone-Biter is defeated first, several adds will spawn. Everyone except the Main Tank and a dedicated Minstrel will start beating on Shadow-Eater.

Once Shadow-Eater is down to the same morale as Stone-Biter, pull the two close together and damage both of them at the same time. Ideally they should be defeated within seconds of each other, resulting in only a few adds spawning that need to be dealt with at the end. The adds are Darklings we ve seen crawling at Narnûlubat before. Deal with them as necessary before they turn into elite mobs. If you kill Shadow-Eater and his mate, Stone-Biter same time, one maybe two Darklings will spawn but the Void Hole wont be there anymore for them to turn to elites World-Eaters. This is gonna be a easy battle, but dont wait for barter-gems here..


* Some wound and fear debuffs which can be cured by potions or healers.

The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Shadow10The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B Stone-10

Its not what your Kinship can do for you, its what YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR KINSHIP..
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The Rift of Nurz Ghashu Part B
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